Phạm Văn Hậu

Studies - Học tập

* 2009-2011:  Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) was organized by Viet Nam Ministry of Health in collaboration with WHO, Representative Office for Viet Nam and CDC.

* 2004-2008:  PhD in epidemiology at National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Ha Noi.

* 1996-1998:  MSc. in Infectious Diseases at Military Academy of Medicine, Ha Noi.

* 1985-1991:  Medical Doctor at Tay Nguyen University, Buon Ma Thuot.

Training courses - Workshops

Wildlife Investigation in Livestock and Public Health: An introductory Training Course on One Health

Điều tra động vật hoang dại trong thú ý và y tế công cộng: Khóa tập huấn về One Health do Cục Thú y và FAO tổ chức

Ha Noi, 03-10 May, 2013

Workshop on development of case study on infectious diseases oubreaks


Phát triển Case Study về các vụ dịch bệnh truyền nhiễm


Singapore, 14 - 16/12/2011

FETP training course on Biostatistics and Epidemiologic methods


Khóa tập huấn FETP về Thống kê và phương pháp dịch tễ học


Nha Trang, 12-20/12/2010


Public Health Evaluation: Choosing, Using and Justifying Mixed Methods.


Đánh giá Y tế công cộng: Lựa chọn và sử dụng phương pháp kết hợp.


Hà Nội, 13-16/09/2010

International Training course on epidemiology and surveillance of zoonotic transboundary diseases


Dịch tễ học và giám sát bệnh động vật lây truyền qua biên giới


Chiang Mai University, January 26 - March 05, 2009

- Scientific writing and communication. Hochiminh City, 05-07 July, 2010.


- Design and conduct of epidemiological studies. Vietnam, Ha Noi, 15 - 19 March, 2010.


- Public health surveillance. Vietnam, Hanoi, 15 - 23 September, 2009.

- Foodborne outbreak investigation. Vietnam, Hanoi, 1-5 June, 2009.



- Design and Analysis of clinic study held at The University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Hochiminh City, 29 - 30 July, 2006


- Data and Graphical Analysis in R held at University of Technology of Hochiminh City, 3 - 4 August, 2006.


- Applying Epidemiology and Statistics in Scientific Research, from 23 -28 April, 2001 sponsored by Vietnam-Netherlands project strengthening of teaching in Medical faculties and community health training & consultant network.


- Outbreak Responsible, Vietnam, Vungtau, from 21 - 30 August, 2001.

International Training Programme on Global NutrITion 2004

Phage 1: The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Mar 8 - Apr 8, 2004

Phage 3: Sri lanka Peradeniya University, Nov 28-Dec 3, 2004