Statistics Books

Understanding Statistics and Experimental Design - How to Not Lie with Statistics

Michael H. Herzog, Gregory Francis and Aaron Clarke

Springer 2019

An Introduction to Statistical Methods and  Data Analysis

R. Lyman Ott and Micheal T. Longnecker

Duxbury Press - 2008


The Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics

4th Edition

B. S. Everitt & A. Skrondal

Cambridge University Press - 2010


What is a p-value anyway? 34 Stories to Help You Actually Understand Statistics - 1st Edition
Andrew J. Vickers


Statistics from A to Z: Confusing Concepts Clarified - st Edition
Andrew A. Jawlik

Wiley 2016


Regression Methods in Biostatistics - Linear, Logistic, Survival, and Repeated Measures Models - 2nd Ed
Vittinghoff, E., Glidden, D.V., Shiboski, S.C., McCulloch, C.E. Springer - 2012.  Download

Time Series Analysis

Applied Time Series Analysis - A Practical Guide to Modeling and Forecasting

Terence Mills

Academic Press - 2019